All-Girl Party

(This is another in my vaguely sexually-titled post experiment)

Why is it that women have so many excuses for parties?

femaleThere’s the wedding shower and baby shower and engagement party, but there’s so much more.

There are candle parties and Tupperware parties and Pure Romance parties and cookware parties and lotion parties and wine-tasting parties and tea parties… I’ve even heard of board game parties and diet parties. There’s also “girls’ night out” and “monthly get togethers” and “brunches.”

I don’t see a lot of organized Guy Parties.  The most organized I’ve ever seen was during the Final Four, and that’s only because CBS dictated when we got together.

maleI’m thinking there should be some sort of guy excuse.  We should have a Beer Party or a Tool Party (although they would have to be called something different.  “Beer Party” sounds like a low-level AA meeting and “Tool Party” sounds like some sort of sex toy thing.  Maybe something classy like “Bavarian Taste” party and “Lowe’s Improvement” party).  I think it would kick a lot of ass to have a guy from Craftsman come over and show me the newest, state-of-the-art compound miter saw.  No girls allowed.

But I guess that’d be sexist.


2 Responses

  1. In Alaska we have fishing parties.

  2. This is so sexist. Guys have lots of parties. fishing, hunting, sports, bars. You’re whole life is a party!

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