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Politics and Comics in America

I read recently (although I’m sure the interview itself is several years old) something that I found very profound about the American comic book market. Alan Moore said something like, “Americans like their comics like their foreign policy: they like to feel like the good guy could utterly destroy the bad guy.” This is true.

I like how he could easily kill everyone everywhere, but he holds back because he's the good guy.

I like how he could easily kill everyone everywhere, but he holds back because he's the good guy.

I do like my heroes so super that they could literally tear their enemies apart if they so chose. I like the idea that Superman is holding back so much each time he faces a villain that it’s laughable that anyone anywhere could give him a run for his money. I also like it that if we chose to level any country in the entire world, we could do so.

Maybe that’s why simple comics, like mine, don’t sell real well in America. I mean, I do ok, but I don’t do anywhere near as well as, say for instance, Moon Knight.

Maybe I should have Jed be so kick-ass that he can totally demolish anything in his way.

Or maybe he’s already like that and that’s why he’s so reserved. Hmmm?  Think about it.

And tell your friends Tiny Life is a superhero book. I need the scratch.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been telling people that Tiny Life is porn. I can change my description if you want, but I think I have the superior angle.

    • I’m not sure I would look at a porn called “Tiny Life.”
      Unless it was to make myself feel better about my shortcomings.

  2. I’ve been saying it’s midget porn, obviously.

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