I Want to Like Coffee

I wish I liked coffee. I think life would be much more enjoyable.  Coffee is everywhere, and sometimes that is where I like to go.

It's now called "Bigby."  Something about racism.

It's now called "Bigby." Something about racism.

I lot of my friends go to coffee shops, and I like coffee shops. They let you sit there as long as you want and use their internet, they always have friendly (yet pretentious) cashiers, and it’s always frickin’ freezing, which I’m a fan of. Basically, a coffee shop is a business built around the idea that people should enjoy their coffee. Other than bars, you don’t really see this marketing strategy in too many other places.


Although the people at Apple are very nice, they frown upon internet porn in their store.

You don’t see an Apple Store allowing people to just sit around all day making movies on iLife, you don’t see car dealerships letting people drive all over hell running their errands, and you definitely don’t see any comic shops letting people read everything in sight.

I don’t think they’d say anything, but unlike coffee shops, the business isn’t built around it. The Apple Store is built so that people try the computer, not enjoy it. The car dealership is built so that people can look at the car, not enjoy it. The comic shop is built so that people can buy the same story over and over again about one dude (who’s basically naked) beating up another dude (who’s also basically nude).  Luckily, you can’t tell when stick figures are nude.

I think if I liked coffee, the world would be a better place.  I could spend my days in a coffee shop just enjoying life and then spend my nights in a bar just enjoying life. 

Plus the cookies in a coffee shop kick ass.


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