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Tiny Vampire Fans

Apparently, the people who listen to the Tiny Life Podcasts (which has declined over the past few weeks. It used to be close to 100, now it’s about half that. Probably because I only do a podcast about once a month now), in addition to really liking true-to-life comics about honest-to-god stick-figures, also enjoy vampires. Check it out:

This is what you see if you look up "Tiny Life" or "Sliver Ltd." on iTunes.

This is what you see if you look up "Tiny Life" or "Sliver Ltd." on iTunes.

Look at what these people also subscribe to.

On the right of the iTunes screen, there's an area where you can see what others who are interested in Tiny Life also listen to.


7 Responses

  1. I love vampires, but i dont listen to them

  2. thaz coo u have a itunes.
    ill check it out!

  3. There’s still no music on that animated mini-comic.

    • I told you, if you really want it, I’ll give you the source file and you can add all the music you want.

      • I have no interest in adding music or playing with some source file. My only interest is in repeatedly feigning indignation at the lack of music during the mini-comic.

      • As long as you’re feigning.

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