Born Before My Time

I think I would hate to have lived even just a few years before my time. What I mean is, I was born in 1979. My early childhood was in the 80s while my teenage years were in the 90s. Just in those 30 years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the world.  I’m not sure I would’ve wanted to see the changes before my time.

Typical plane less than 100 years ago.

Typical plane less than 100 years ago.

Typical plane today.

Typical plane today.

My grandpa saw the affordability of both automobiles and electricity and how they changed the world. He saw airplanes go from war machines to a commercial mass-transit option. He saw the invention of computers and their rise to prominence. He’s seen movies go from black-and-white moving pictures to color to recordable at-home entertainment. He’s seen the expulsion of the telegraph and the evolution of the telephone to the mini-computer that it is today. He’s seen the evolution of war from a nessesary evil created to expand empires and unite nations to the last-ditch economically-disasterous option that it is today (economically, the US would be ok without the current war).

If all that stuff already happened when I was born, what could possibly happen in my lifetime?

Michigan, 2025 AD

Michigan, 2025 AD

I’m an optimist, so I’d like to think that we will all get our shit together, help out the poor, and fix the environment. 

If history is any indication, though, we’ll probably just make the poorer, and make the planet so hot that even Michigan is a tropical paradise.


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  1. Obama will get it together!

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