Sick Comics

As I was sick last week, I read some of my old comics I have laying around:

  1. Origin: Pretty bad.  I don’t remember it being that bad the first time I read the whole thing, but I found it to be almost unreadable this time.
  2. Harbinger: pretty good.  I don’t remember it being that good the first time I read the first storyline, but Lapham is damn good (especially for a kid).  I think it’s a fairly good predictor of how super-heroes would actually be discovered in real life.  It was also a good start-up book for Valiant.
  3. Batman: Year One: I’ve said this before, Frank Miller should stick to comics.  Year One is spectacular.  The only part I don’t like is where Gordon is a bad-ass.  He beats up some dude just to show some dude that he can.
  4. Preludes & Nocturnes: I’m not a big Neil Gaiman fan – too high fantasy for me (I read American Gods, and although I thought the ideas were good, I just don’t find Gaiman’s prose interesting enough to keep me reading), but this first Sandman volume is pretty cool.  I think it’s neat to see how fast Gaiman’s and Keith’s art progress in just a few short issues

2 Responses

  1. gaiman is overrated

  2. […] A couple days ago I wrote about four graphic novels I read while I was sick.  I read all four of those in one day (in addition to sleeping for 16 hours).  Granted, I had already read them and knew what was going to happen, but I read four books in one day.  The Wife has been working on one children’s book for the past four days.  It has tiny words and lots of pictures, and it’s still taking her more than 16 times longer to read it. […]

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