D’s Drivethrough

thedHave you ever heard the Tenacious D bit about ordering at the drive thru?  JB goes on and on and then KG only orders two things.

It’s funnier when not described by a guy who draws stick-figures for a living.

Anyway, that same thing happened to me today.

I was at Wendy’s while waiting for The Wife’s car to get fixed (it’s right by the mechanic) and I decided to bring my laptop in to get some work done.  The guy ahead of me in line has a little kid with him and he starts ordering:  “I’ll have a Double Stack and a Crispy Chicken Sandwich and a large #1 with a Coke and a chocolate shake.” the lady then asks him if it’s for here or for to go (that’s how she says it).

He then points ot his son and says, “What do you want?”

Sometimes I wander how some people don’t get diabetes.


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