Senses Fail

I wish I had one super-sense.

For instance, I have a friend who loves to eat.  He can’t get enough anything.  I went on vacation with him a few months back and the entire vacation consisted of planning to eat, traveling to eat, and eating (I’ve gone on vacation with him before, so I knew what was coming.  The Wife did not and she was not amused).  He can’t get enough taste.

I seriously have no idea how this is a national chain.  The sell scents.

I seriously have no idea how this is a national chain. They sell scents.

I know women who could spend hours in a bath shop sniffing the different soaps and oils.  They can’t get enough smell.

I know guys who could spend days hitting on women; it’s not the chase that they’re interested in, it’s the sensation of a new touch.

I can’t do that.  I eat way too fast (usually – regardless of the meal – I’m done in about eight minutes), smell doesn’t entice me, and although I enjoy the pleasures of touch, I couldn’t do it all day long; it’d get boring.

All of these things sound boring.  My brain gets in the way.  I dissect everything I do:  It only takes me a little while to eat because, to me, food is fuel.  I can’t spend much time sniffing things because, to me, it serves no purpose.  I can’t spend all day humping because, well, I think we all know how it usually ends (me apologizing).

I think life would be much simpler if I could enjoy something so simple.

The only thing I can do for any extended amount of time is create.

I guess, then, it’s lucky that I made a story that will take me the rest of my life to tell.


2 Responses

  1. What about a sixth sense?

  2. You mean like the movie or the X-Men-like group I created when I was 10 based on the GI Joes I had in my closet?

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