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Married… with Children

mwcDuring the summer months, I like to catch up on my TV watching.  Normally, during the winter months, when TV is new, I don’t get to watch much of it.  Most of my time is spent either doing school-work or doing Jed-work; I really have very little time for anything else (although, to be fair, I do stop everything I’m doing to watch 30 Rock and Lost).  It was about this time three (or maybe four) years ago that I started collecting The Simpsons DVDs.  I’ve also accumulated 24, Andy Richter Controls the Universe (pirated), and Undeclared.  This summer, I’m collecting Married… with Children.

I’d forgotten all about the series until we had to do that digital changeover a few months back (that’s right, I don’t have cable.  I just told you I don’t watch TV, way would I pay for it?).  On some random Saturday I happened to turn the TV on at around 10 o’clock and there was Al Bundy.  The Wife remarked how she hasn’t heard me laugh that loud in a long time.

That’s because I usually stifle my laughter when she says she’s going to try and “start doing more housework.”

This is the best place to buy crap.  WAY better than eBay.

This is the best place to buy crap. WAY better than eBay.

So I went to Half.com and bought season 6.  Then I got season 3, now 4, soon 5, and then 7.

I remember watching MWC in my parents’ living room laughing hysterically at Al crying or Peggy’s need for lovin’ or Kelly’s “HEY!” while my parents tried to hide their laughter (we all do it.  If there’s something we know we’re not supposed to laugh at and someone in the room might call us out on it, we hide it.  Like hearing a scrotum joke with your grandma in the room).  I also remember when it got bad; not unwatchable, just no longer “clear out a spot on Sunday night” good.

The show got MUCH better after this guy left.

The show got MUCH better after this guy left.

I gotta say, watching these all over again, you can almost pinpoint the moment it got really good.  The show got really good – although there were some funny episodes before this – when Jefferson arrived and it stopped being really good – although there were some funny episodes after this – when Kelly got her hair cut.  That’s a good five years.

Maybe that’s how Tiny Life will be: ok for the first four years, really good for the middle five years, and ok for the last four years.

I hope not though.  I’m not getting paid Ed O’Neil money.  Or even David Faustino money.


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