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Math Teachers

If you follow me on Twitter or just look at the daily (sometimes hourly) updates on the left, you’ll see that I’ve been pretty slow this week.  I think I might’ve gotten three pages done.  The reason for that is that I was at a math workshop.

I think it was definitely worthwhile (not eight days worthwhile, but still it was worth a bit of my time) and I think I got a lot out of it.  Lots of ideas for next year that don’t include yelling.

Most of the people there were very nice and cordial.  Everyone – with the notable exception of one lady; she treated me like a child just because I was doing the pee-pee dance – was understanding and outgoing and really a pleasure to be around.  However, I noticed something: a large percentage of them had speech impediments.

mathkidI’m not saying anything against those who love math (or, like me, just happen to be good at it) and I’m not saying anything against those who have trouble speaking.  Some of my best friends kick ass at math and some of my best friends took a speaking class when they were in elementary school.  I just wonder if one has to do with the other.

Do you think some part of the brain that controls speech overlaps some part of the brain that understands numbers?  Or vice versa?  Maybe some kids who are fascinated by how things work never really learned how to speak properly?  Maybe math-oriented people don’t focus on simple things like how the tongue moves in the mouth?  Or maybe God just said, “Not only will you be a nerd because you enjoy numbers, but I will make you socially awkward as well.”


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