Cash for Clunkers (CARS)

carsEveryone has heard of this program.  Congress put aside a billion dollars to help people buy new cars.  We went through that money in four days so they gave it another two billion.  However, few of us know what it’s actually for and how it works.

Despite the common misconception, it is not a program to help GM and Chrysler.  You can buy from any car company as long as it gets a few more miles per gallon than the car you currently own.  As long as the car you currently own gets less than 18 miles per gallon.

Logically, I can see the “green” effort here.  Take people who bought gas-guzzlers and help them buy fuel-efficient cars that also suit their needs.  It helps the environment and it cuts down on oil use and oil dependency; because of these things, it helps our position in the Middle East, it helps our national spending on pollution, and helps our national health care because people will be less exposed to toxins.  Emotionally, though, I’m pretty pissed.

Basically, the government is AGAIN bailing out stupid people.  GM couldn’t manage their finances, so the government bailed them out.  AIG couldn’t manage their finances, so the government bailed them out.  Health care can’t manage their finances, so the government is bailing them out.  Now stupid people who can’t friggin add (if a car gets 10 milers per gallon, that means you’ll go 200 miles on a 20 gallon tank.  You’ll be filling up a lot) are getting a bail out.

I wish that just once, those of us who think before we do things – those of us who only buy what we can afford – would get a reward (you can’t call it a “bail-out” because we don’t need one of those).

For instance, if the government said they’d give us $10000 toward a solar-powered house, I’d look into that.  If they said, “When you complete college in only four years, we’ll pay off your student loans.”  Or “When you pay your mortgage for 6 consecutive years, we’ll knock off 2%.”  Or “If you don’t smoke, eat vegetables, and exercise, we’ll pay for half your health care.”

grimesInstead, people who couldn’t make it through college, declared bankruptcy because they bought a house way out of their price range, and consider eating at Subway “eating healthy” get a bailout.

Sometimes I feel like Frank Grimes.


3 Responses

  1. That’s where the simpsons jumped the shark.

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