Hit of the Summer

There was a sleeper hit this summer.  Not many people went and saw it the first week, but those who did spread the word and let everyone know how funny it was.  The next week more people showed up and the next week even more until finally it broke the top ten and remained there for the duration of the summer.  I saw it and laughed my ass off.

Remember that part where the guy mispronounced “retard”?  Hilarious.

gijoeIf you think I’m talking about The Hangover, you are sadly mistaken.  Far and away, the funniest movie of the summer was GI Joe.  My face muscles hurt from smiling so much.  Plus Brendon Frasier was in it, so how bad could it be?

Like most people, I didn’t see it that first week.  My expectations were low, and I had more important things to do than to spend $20 expecting to be disappointed (I can do that by taking The Wife to dinner).  Through word-of-mouth, I decided to see it.  Here’s what got me to see it:

A friend of my mine who goes to a dress-up convention every year dresses up as Snakeyes; he has for the past ten years.  He has all the GI Joe DVDs and comics and was more excited to see The Rise of Cobra than he was on his wedding night.  He went and saw the midnight show and said, “Yeah it was awesome.  It wasn’t cannon, but some of that stuff you can’t replicate in just one movie.”

Seriously, name one bad movie with Brendon Frasier.

Seriously, name one bad movie with Brendon Frasier.

For those of you who’ve never talked to a dresser-upper before, “canon” means that the subject you’re talking about must adhere to the established/consensused standard of the nerd community.  For instance, if I dress up as Princess Leia from A New Hope, it wouldn’t bother him that I was absent of female organs, it would bother him if my hair curls swirled clockwise instead of counter-clockwise (as is the canon).

There are even some things that are “canons-within-canons.”  If I was talking about Star Trek, there’s the Original Series Canon, the Movies (but not the latest one) Canon, the Books Canon, the Comic Books Canon, and even a Trekkie Canon.  What this means is that you can’t bring up the Comic Books while discussing the Original Series; the two canons don’t mix.  Apparently, GI Joe was a cohesive unit containing only one canon.

I guess there was a small band of writers who developed all the episodes for television and all the comics.  I guess they came up with some sort of multi-year, multi-layered storyline that fit the rise of Stormshadow to the defeat of Cobra.  Or at least that’s what my friend thinks.

I thought it was just a clever ploy to sell toys.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

But keep in mind, it’s not canon.


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