Too Close to Home

If you’ve been watching the Twitter updates on the left column of the home page, you’ll notice that there’ve been a few days where I haven’t done much.  I might’ve said “uploading page” or something else that doesn’t really take a whole lot on my part (except that I have the dial-up internet, which means I have to sit around for about 30 minutes making sure the upload doesn’t fail.  Whenever you see “uploading page” read it as if it says “eating sandwich and listening to Adam Corolla Podcast”).  Well, that’s because I’ve been busy at home.

I did this all by myself.  Ok, my father-in-law did it.  But I held the flashlight.

I did this all by myself. Ok, my father-in-law did it. But I held the flashlight.

See, one of the only drawbacks of Tiny Life not being a huge runaway success (other that the freedom that comes with popularity and fortune) is the fact that I can’t afford a separate studio.  I can’t drive to downtown MiddleofNowhere and start my day.  I wake up, walk to the next room (after a pit stop and a glass o milk) and start drawing.  Although it saves gas money, it does not save my sanity.

This past week I’ve been putting a new shower in the bathroom.  Last week I replaced the faucets on every sink.  A few days ago I organized the Back Room in the basement.

If you think Tiny Life takes too long to get published, I suggest you buy more.  When I make enough money to get a studio away from the house, I’ll be able to do it faster.

Instead of inking, today I’ll be putting up drywall and installing extra insulation in the basement.



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  1. […] latest endeavor involves redoing the guest bathroom (which, up until I put the new shower in our bathroom, was our bathroom). I didn't decorate it. I just built it. Click to enlarge See how the walls are almost […]

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