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For Those Who Do What They Should

A few posts ago I was talking about the CARS program and how it seems that the Guy Who Does Things Right – buys a house he can afford, has no outstanding credit card debt, doesn’t threaten people because they’re gay, takes care of his kids, etc. – can never catch a break.  I may have spoke too soon.

doeThe government has a Federal Family Education Loan Program where teachers can get up to $17,500 of student loan debt erased.  Oddly enough, like an 80’s sit-com, I have almost exactly $17,500 in student loans.

Right now I have a car-payment-size bill every month for the next 10 years.  If I could get that paid off, I might actually be able to afford a new car.

Now that I think about it, if Obama wants to get the economy rolling, he should forgive all outstanding educational debts.  I have a lot of friends who have amazing student loan debts.  I have doctor friends who have amassed almost a quarter-million dollars in student loans (that’s what they get for going to college for a decade), and I have unemployed teacher friends who have so much debt that they can’t wait for that dream gig; they have to get a job at the mall just so Uncle Sam doesn’t throw them in prison.

For those of you without student loans (from what I’ve seen, my demographic is mostly recently-graduated college kids with just enough hope left in them where a book like mine might actually make them think.  That is, until they get a job), imagine this:

babyforsaleYou grow up with very little money.  Most of your family never even went to high school, let alone graduated.  You see your future if you continue down the path laid out for you: toothless, drunk, bored, and dead by 50.  So you go to college while working.  Eventually you find that you’re not going to make ends meet and, despite what your dad said about never taking money from “no gov’rment,” you decide a student loan would be best.  After a few years, you finally graduate and find a job that can pay the bills.  You cannot, however, buy a new car, a better furnace for the house, or a baby from Africa (they’re for sale there, right?  That’s what the rags tell me) until these loans are paid off.

It will take a decade.

Now imagine they’re suddenly paid off for you.  You can have that car, that furnace, and that baby!

Go nuts, you crazy diamond!


5 Responses

  1. i know what your saying.
    i got my degree and now no one will hire me. whenever sallie mae calls and wants money, i’m like get in line.

  2. Whats your degree in? i got my job right away

  3. Babies aren’t for sale! That’s awful!

  4. He’s talking about African babies, not real babies.

  5. […] taken it in for repairs numerous times (click here and here for examples), and each time I think it might be my last.  Each time I think, “If it’s too […]

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