Facebook Observations

I know I’ve only been using Facebook for a little while, but I’m already seeing some annoying posters.

1) The guy who uses Facebook like it’s Twitter.  I have a few “friends” (they’re not real friends – they wouldn’t help me move or bury a dead body – they’re Facebook acquaintances.  So if my mom got sick they’d say, “You’re in our thoughts and prayers”) who constantly use Facebook to tell everyone about what they’re doing every second.  Some actual examples: “Driving home from work”, “Wondering what to make for supper”, “Just got done watching BSG”, and of course, “On Facebook”.  Facebook is not a constant update of what you’re doing, you narcissist.  Ask if anyone really cares that you “Changed shirts.  I love blue!”  The only reason you’re getting any comments is because your commentators are as narcissistic as you.

2) The guy who updates Facebook once a day, everyday, to tell you about his day.  For example, “Just got off work, now heading out to the bar,” is an OK update once in a while.  It lets your friends (actual friends who might be bored) know that you’re available and where you’ll probably be for the next little while should they want to join you.  Posting something like, “Just got done eating hot dogs and having margaritas.  Now it’s off to see a movie and then off to bed for another exciting day with Brad,” doesn’t help anyone.  Frankly, it’s annoying because tomorrow you’ll post, “Spent the day with Brad. :)”

This is an actual picture from my iPhone.  I couldn't zoom out enough to show you, but there are FIVE posts in a row from this guy.

This is an actual picture from my iPhone. I couldn't zoom out enough to show you, but there are FIVE posts in a row from this guy.

3) The guy who uses it strictly for business purposes.  I know I started on Facebook for that particular reason, but I want to have a little bit of fun with it too.  I don’t need four posts in a row talking about some sale you’re having: “XTreme Comix is having a sale on all back issues!” then two seconds later, “Xtreme Comix is having renowned local author Scratchin Mabutt via Skype today at noon!” then two seconds later, “Xtreme Comix offers a free soda to anyone who buys an issue of Power Pack!”  I’d delete them if they weren’t a business contact.

4) The guy who has to comment on everyone’s updates, no matter how inane.  For instance, if I put, “Going to the carnival and hoping The Wife doesn’t embarrass me by pointing out my crippling alcoholism again.”  He writes, “LOL!  I hear that!”

Thank God for Facebook allowing me to hide some people.  I figure if I’m going to spend upwards of six minutes a day doing something, I should have fun with it.  That’s why most of my posts and comments are humorous.  Or clever.  Rarely both. (often neither)

Although, I wonder if my posts fall into a category that I haven’t yet discovered because I’m the perfect example.

It’s like how you can see the flaws in other peoples’ lives but for some reason your addiction to phallic-shaped foods escapes your vision.


3 Responses

  1. i’m #4

  2. To quote #4, “LOL! I hear that!”

    I dislike Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/etc. for those reasons. People are friends with each other for the numbers, and when they put their updates, most of the times, it’s so random and unimportant that it’s ridiculous.

    Kudos for the post.

    • There are a lot of people who use those social sites for social reasons. I know one of the largest growing demographics is the +50 crowd. They LOVE showing pictures of grandkids and seeing what their families are up to, no matter how innane the activities are (I know when my grandpa calls me, he asks, “What’s going on?” “Still working?” and “Any little ones yet?” I can respond to that pretty easily in a Facebook post).

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