Unions Part Duex

I’ve been thinking a lil more about unions since my last post and came to a simple conclusion:

We wouldn’t have them if there wasn’t a need.

I looked up "Proactive" on Yahoo, and the zit cream came up.  I use it and it works.

I looked up "Proactive" on Yahoo, and the zit cream came up. I use it and it works.

What I mean is, all things are reactionary.  I can barely think of any examples of proactivity in life – and even those examples are reactions to possible scenarios (for instance, you can prepare to have a baby by waiting until you’re financially stable, moving to a better neighborhood, and taking prenatal vitamins – that’s proactive.  But all you’re really doing is reacting to possible bad situations, “What if I can’t afford it”, “I don’t want to raise my child in a shitty school”, “what if my kid’s messed up because I didn’t get enough iron”).

There’s a law against ducks wearing pants from midnight to four in my town.  That means at some point, people were either putting pants on ducks late at night for some unlawful reason, or people assumed that ducks were so sexy that people would eventually get the idea of putting pants on them.

I think a union is the same way.

We make a contract because we’ve been screwed over before and because we see the possibility of getting screwed over again.  The language is so succinct and confusing because of that very same reason.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why lawyers exist:

“My client had a contract to receive a monthly benefit of Macaroni and Cheese.  However, to his surprise and dismay, he received a separate bag of macaroni and a separate bag of cheese.  The contract clearly has no comma separating the macaroni from the cheese.  We therefore sue for one hundred million dollars, half of which will be contributed to The Institute for Comma Understanding.”


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