92.1 The Edge

As many of you know, the story of Tiny Life is musically driven.  I’m not saying that there’s a lot of music in the series (mostly because it’s a silent medium.  I’m sure the other option for publishing this story – a short-live animated series – would have tons of music in it), but many of the concepts and story elements were created because of music I was listening to at the time.

Whatever you think the greatest radio station is, you're wrong.

Whatever you think the greatest radio station is, you're wrong.

Most of that music came from a radio station in the greater Lansing area called 92.1 The Edge.  It was The Greatest Station of All Time.  It wasn’t your typical rock station playing Skynard and AC/DC and a bunch of other overplayed bands, nor was it your typical college station playing Wilco, and Fugazzi, and a bunch of local crap.  They were somewhere in between, which is where I like to be.

I’m describing 92.1 in the past tense because they were destroyed when I moved to California (yet another example of how everything in the whole world might exist just because I want it to).  A radio conglomerate bought all the local stations at once and decided that there was no room for a rock station, a college station, and an in-between station.  So they changed the format to oldies.  Then talk.  Then sports.  Then back to oldies.  Then they sold it.

I felt bad for the people who worked at 92.1 The Edge because it seemed like I knew them.  There were only a few people who worked there – pulling double and triple shifts, using different handles – but they were always on campus or near campus promoting something and I was always there to get a free t-shirt and talk to them.  When the station was sold, they all lost their jobs (except for one lady – Melody.  She didn’t know Metallica from Modest Mouse and kept her gig when they moved to oldies.  While there she didn’t know Presley from Costello).  Many of them moved to the classic rock or the modern rock or the top 40 stations that were all owned by the same gigantic company.  But it wasn’t the same; I couldn’t listen to Shaffey at midnight anymore or MoJo in the morning.  My music was dispersed with my DJs.

They just changed the 2 to a 4.  It's the same station.

They just changed the 2 to a 4. It's the same station.

This week The Edge came back on 94.1.  This week I was suddenly hit by inspiration again.  I’ll be changing the first half of the next book.  I have some much better ideas (for those of you wanting to know what the old ideas are, buy Tiny Life Demos which contains the first 140 pages of the upcoming book 4).

Hopefully I’ll be able to sell a few more of this one than I was the last one.

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