Lost Review Review

lostMy favorite show of the last few years is definitely Lost.  Although there are a few episodes (to be sure) that don’t exactly click with the rest of the series, I think that Lost is – by far – the best series on television.

What are the other contenders?  Family GuySouth ParkRescue Me?  These series are hit-and-miss at best.  Maybe Curb Your EnthusiasmTrue BloodWeeds?  These series are good, but I wouldn’t sweat it if I missed an episode.  Grey’s AnatomyAmerican Idol?  Only those missing parts of their brains would consider those “entertaining” (I could see an argument for “the best thing on at the time and since my eyes hurt too much to read and my brain hurts too much to think, I’ll just stare at this glowing box while a wave of loud annoying sounds wash over me”).

The reason Lost is amazing is because I have NO IDEA what will happen next.  In Family Guy, Peter will screw something up, mention that “This is worse than the time…” and then South Park will make fun of that.  Larry David will have just an awful day on Curb Your EnthusiasmGrey’s Anatomy is for the retarded.  I do not know what’s coming on Lost; I’ve never known.  I had no idea that when we started with a cast of fourteen people deserted on an island, that each would receive their own back-story that would be somehow significant to the current goings-on.  I had no idea that the island itself would become a character, and I had no idea that everything would intertwine into such a confusing mess that one has no recourse but to watch the series again from beginning to end.

So that’s what I’m doing.

lost2Lost is coming back for it’s 6th and final season in January.  The Wife and I are watching the entire series during dinner until then.  I’ll be reviewing each season separately to let you know what I like and what I don’t like and how that might relate back to Tiny Life.

I know you’re excited.

Come back in two days.


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