SPACE Prize!

space2010Tiny Life is nominated for the SPACE prize!

Take a look.

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

But seriously, vote for me.


7 Responses

  1. I do not believe that we have the capacity to vote.

    Moreover, from my review of the named judges, I discern that I have little respect for the people who will be judging you.

    What a time for the Day prize to crap out! Your fate may well be in the hands of Max Ink. Max Ink! The man who revolutionized the indie comics scene by creating a comic that managed to shamelessly imitate Box Office Poison while delivering the fresh adventures of twenty-somethings who talk about the Beatles and the internet! Revolutionary! It’s Max fucking Ink!

    How about Jim Davis? He’d be a hell of a judge! Or, hey, as long as we’re picking people that have no fucking idea how to make comics, why not just pick people off the street? Even someone who is openly hostile to the entire medium would be preferable to someone who thinks Max Ink is an enviable artist (e.g. Max Ink).

    I guess somebody nominated Max Ink for a SPACE award last year, so this shouldn’t be too big a surprise. If you keep showing up and declaring your work relevant, you eventually become an important figure in the independent comics scene. And his artwork is kind of pretty, in a I-COMPLETELY-FUCKING-RIPPED-OFF-ALEX-ROBINSON kind of way. But Christ, man, that guy’s not qualified to wipe your ass.

  2. max ink can’t be his real name.

  3. Jim Davis? Doesn’t he do Garfield?
    I hate Mondays too.

  4. Max Ink! Join the Max Ink revolution! Revolutionary! It’s Max Ink!

    “Max Ink” is, of course, a pseudonym. His real name is “I’d Rather Feed My Dick to a Badger Than Present an Original Concept.”

  5. To tell you the truth, I never read Blink (although the name alone makes me want to read it). I heard about the minis, but never saw the big-book version.
    Vincent, in your own angry way, I appreciate the accolades but…
    1) Just because it’s not original, doesn’t mean it’s not good. I share your enthusiasm for original storytelling (see various articles, including, but EVERYTHING has their inspiration. I mean, Cerebus (one of your favs, if I’m not mistaken) started out as a Conan rip-off, then it turned into a “War and Peace, but funny” rip-off, then it got original.
    2) Don’t ruin my chances, dude. This is a judge.

  6. Cerebus did not begin as a Conan rip-off; it started as a Conan parody. Whatever its merits or failings, it could not be accurately described as “just like Conan the Barbarian,” or “Just like Conan the Barbarian, but worse.”

    Blink, on the other hand, can fairly accurately be described as “just like Box Office Poison, but worse.” In fact, the only thing that puts the BOP comparison on perilous ground is that Blink is so much worse that the juxtaposition seems instinctively unfair to BOP.

    Even a rip-off can be meritorious, of course, but only insofar as something new is added to the stolen material. “The Magnificent Seven” was a rip-off of “The Seven Samurai”; quite deliberately and transparently so. But the magnificent gunfighters could not be mistaken for the enumerated samurai, because THEY HAD CHANGED. “The Magnificent Seven” may be just like “The Seven Samurai,” but with gunfighters; but it is not not just like “The Seven Samurai,” but worse.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen The Magnificent Seven. But then, I’ve never read any of Max Ink’s work either. Nevertheless, I’m sure that what I’m saying is probably correct.

  7. Max Ink donated $25 to CerebusTV! Good for him.

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