Selling It

I don’t need the latest thing in order to be happy.  I don’t follow fashion, I don’t follow sports, I don’t follow TV; each of these things, if you follow them enough, eventually take up too much time.  Fashion always changes, so you have to follow it forever, same with sports, or TV, or movies, or the stock market, or music.


Cool shirt AND Foo Fighters

I like certain things in those genres.  I really like t-shirts with cool logos and I really like Foo Fighters and I really like Lost.  But I like those things because they deliver every time.  I like those things because it doesn’t take any more time than I originally signed up for.

I also have never been someone who is happy because of material goods.  I still have the same car I’ve had since I met my wife, my house is nothing more than an oversized shoebox, and I still have my first drawing desk from 7th grade.  These things simply do what they were supposed to do: gets me to work, keeps me warm, and has a slanted/flat surface.  I don’t need new ones.

If you put these two ideas together, you’ll see where I’m coming from when I say that I am sad that I am selling my original iPod.  Not “Oh.  Poor puppy.  He looks so unhappy in the rain” sad or “I drove all the way out here and this strip club changed to all dudes” sad, but sad nonetheless.


I'm not racist, but my iPod is white.

I got my iPod in summer 2004.  Because it was so simple – because it didn’t take up any more time than I originally signed up for and because it always did what it was supposed to do – I looked into getting a Mac to replace my Dell.

A couple years later, I got an iMac to replace my PC.  Unlike a Windows machine, I had absolutely no problems with it.  It did everything that was promised and continues to amaze me at the simplicity and grace that can come from doing the simplest tasks (for instance, I used to have a blog when I had my Dell and that damn thing would shut down all the time.  I would hit “ctrl+s” after every sentence.  I’m just starting to break that habit).

This summer I got an iPhone and couldn’t be happier (actually, I could be if ATT would get off their ass and do the job they are supposed to do).  But I got an iPhone, in part, to replace my iPod.  And so I have to sell it.

It still plays like the day I got it; I’ve never had one ounce of hassle.  It can still hold every song I like and every picture I have; but it can’t make phone calls or text or get on the internet.

I’m also someone who hates redundancy.


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