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Greatest Hits and Raditude

fooweezerOn November 3rd, two of my Top Five artists – Weezer and Foo Fighters – released an album.  I was in heaven.  At least unit they came out; then I was disappointed.

Actually, disappointed is a strong word.  I was… hit by reality.

In my opinion, Foo Fighters have never made a bad song.  I have them ALL.  Every song ever recorded practically anywhere is on my playlist somewhere.  Every one is a gem.

In my opinion Weezer is one of the most underrated bands of all time.  Every album contains some of the catchiest, original, diverse songs around.  Obviously their three self-titled albums are the best, but even their often-lambasted Pinkerton contains some amazingly simple tunes.

And now the reality:


Most of these are demos. They mostly kick ass.

Every song that Foo Fighters release is amazing.  I can’t think of one single that isn’t astounding.  Even their unpopular tracks – “Cold Day in the Sun”, “Alone + Easy Target” – are spectacular.  However, the majority of songs that I have found from them – demos, live tracks, and unreleased material – could be spectacular.  What I mean is, if they ever make an album of remastered b-sides, it’d go platinum; but as the tracks stand, there’s a reason they didn’t make the album cut.  So it is with their new song “Word Forward.”

Every album that Weezer makes is amazing.  I can’t think of any album that I haven’t listened to dozens of times through.  There are songs on every album, however, that I jump past.  Even their seminal Blue Album has a song or two that just don’t seem good enough (“Holiday” jumps to mind).  I seem to forget this whenever they come out with something new.

The new self-titled Foo Fighters greatest hits album contains one song I didn’t have – it sounds exactly like a demo that could kick ass.  The new Weezer album, Raditude (named by Rainn Wilson, oddly enough) contains some of the catchiest, original, diverse songs around, but it contains a few that just aren’t good enough.

Greatest Hits: 4 stars if I didn’t already have five different recordings of every song.  Since I do, 2 stars for the new song.

Raditude: Like all of Weezer’s albums, 3 stars for the album, 5 stars for a select few songs.

On a side-note, I think I would rather these bands come out with something annually as they’ve been doing and throw in some crappy songs as opposed to artists who release a new album twice a decade (you reading this, Reznor?).


4 Responses

  1. He is not reading this. Trent Reznor reads only Sandman comics and his own diary.

  2. he reads sandman?! hes cooler then i thought!

  3. He sounds like a smart guy, I’ll bet he reads more than that.

  4. Like, fortune cookies?

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