Verizon Horizon

When it came to big things that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around, I would always pick the most popular brands of those things.

For instance, when I didn’t know exactly how a car worked, I would just assume that GM was the best because they had the most cars on the road.  When I didn’t understand how religion worked, I would just assume that Catholicism was the best because they had the most churches in my county.

The Newton was the Pre-PalmPre.

When I wasn’t sure about computers, I got a Dell (actually, I got a Hewlett-Packard first) because that seemed to be the most popular, hence the best.  After I switched over to Apple, I saw that one should judge a product, not by what’s the most popular, but on how accurate the promises of that product are.  Apple promises a hassle-free computer that’s fast and comes with fun, essential programs.  When I started looking at all the cool things Apple’s made over the years, I liked them even more (see the Magic Mouse, Newton, and iPhone) and now use Apple exclusively.

I’m starting to think the same thing about Verizon.

"Your World, Delivered Slowly and Unnecessarily Expensive"

I have AT&T because they are the most popular; considering AT&T’s been around for like 150 years, I figured they’d have the best everything – I figured they knew what they were doing.  They do not.  You know all those commercials you see about bundling various services?  They’re not for me because AT&T doesn’t offer high-speed internet, cable, 3G cell service, or even satellite in my area.  Instead of offering some alternative – and this is where it reminds me of Microsoft (“a mouse that scrolls up and down AND side-to-side?  That’s a pipe-dream sonny!  Pure Poppycock!”) – they say, “We’ll call you as soon as one of these services are in your area.”

Verizon has several alternatives to any of these problems.  I was paying AT&T $35 a month for limited local phone service (that’s 100 phone calls to local number only) and $20 a month for dial-up internet.  That’s $55 for the pleasure of uploading my podcasts in a scant 29 hours.  Through Verizon, I found an alternative for the same price: MiFi.

It's about the size of 10 playing cards. This way, you can fit it in your pocket and become sterile on the go.

Mifi is a wi-fi system that uses cell phone technology so that I am able to have wireless internet throughout my entire house.  This includes the iMac, our phones, and my trusty 30-pound “laptop” (it’s a laptop in name only.  I actually need a burro to transport it)  The last podcast was uploaded in about four minutes.

With various products like this, I am sure that – just like I’m sure Apple will eventually win the computer race – Verizon will win the cell phone race.

And rightfully so.  AT&T doesn’t even have 3G coverage in Kalamazoo.  That’s Tony the Tiger’s homebase!  You can’t expect him to do business with the EDGE network!


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  2. […] I touted earlier that AT&T sucks and that Verizon is pretty damn cool.  I think I sent a mixed message of two phone companies fighting each other; it’s actually me vs. two phone companies.  See, with the Baby Situation, I’ve grown lax on a few things: I haven’t gotten a hair cut, I haven’t mowed the lawn as much as I usually do, I haven‘t been writing as often as I‘d like, and I haven’t paid my bills as promptly as a normally would. So after Lemon was born and after I was sure that The Wife was going to be ok alone for a few hours, I came home and did everything that I had let slide by over the last week or two. One of those things was my Verizon MiFi bill. It's about the size of 10 playing cards. This way, you can fit it in your pocket and become sterile on the go. […]

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