I’m always working on my house.

Mostly because it’s a POS.

My latest endeavor involves redoing the guest bathroom (which, up until I put the new shower in our bathroom, was our bathroom).

I didn't decorate it. I just built it. Click to enlarge

See how the walls are almost two-toned? That's so you can't see all the places I screwed up. Click to enlarge.

The stoner/idiot who owned this house before me put vinyl coverings on all the walls.  When you first think about it, it makes sense.  You can easily clean it, you’ll never have to paint it – it’s almost like going from cedar siding to vinyl siding.  But, just like vinyl siding, it’s a bitch to mess with.

I thought it would be easy: simply prime over top of the vinyl, fill in any cracks with compound, and paint to the desired color (or, if you’re Canadian, “colour”).  Nope.

See, vinyl is glued on, meaning if the guy who glued it did a shitty job, then anything you do to that wall will look shitty as well.  I had to fill in the cracks with compound, then prime it; the primer shrunk, which shrunk the vinyl, which pulled the vinyl away from the walls leaving me with a huge mess to clean up.  I actually tore off certain sections of the wall so I could properly mud and prime it.  It would’ve been easier to put new sheetrock over the old crap.

What started out as a long weekend project ended up taking a couple months.


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