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Poor, Poor Car

My car has died.

I take that back; my car is dying.  And yes, I am very sad.

This was my route every week for a year.

I’ve had this car since The Wife and I started dating.  I’ve used it for college, for my internship, and for my job.  I’ve driven it all the way up to the Upper Peninsula on a weekly basis and I’ve driven it to California and back.  I originally got it because I was living in Flint, going to school in East Lansing, working in Owosso, and commuting to Oscoda on the weekends.  That was 2001.

And now, 200,000 miles later, the Grand Am might be breathing its last.

I’ve taken it in for repairs numerous times (click here and here for examples), and each time I think it might be my last.  Each time I think, “If it’s too expensive, I’ll just get a new one.”  But the repairs are never bad.  A few dollars here, a few hundred dollars there.

So then I figure, “If I buy a new car, that’ll be $300 a month that I’ll be spending.  So the $500 I just spent in repairs has to last me at least 6 weeks.”  And it always does.  It always lasts WAY longer.  But not last time.  Or the time before that.

No, the last few times I’ve gotten it fixed, the Grand Am lasted as long at it should have: $300 per month.  Last week was when the $300/month deadline was up.  Last week it started acting weird.

It's badass.

You know how when you have a dog for a long time and they just start acting weird; you can’t exactly put your finger on it, but they’re not acting like themselves?  You know that they’re getting old and dying and there’s nothing you can do about it but let them sleep and clean up after them?  That’s how the Grand Am is acting.  So, like a pet, it’s time to put it to pasture.

And, like a pet, I also (strangely) feel tremendously guilty for wanting a new one.


4 Responses

  1. poor poor car
    i had a cavalier that went about 200000 miles

    • I’ve heard people say that about Caveliers from the early 90’s.
      I was hoping my car would last another year or two so I could get a Chevy Volt. But twas not to be.

  2. My little poochie died last year.

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