Greeks Have Eyebrows

I’ve only known two people from Greece. They were both very nice people – one guy, one gal – but I noticed they had big bushy eyebrows. I’m not saying all Greeks have that; I’m just saying 100% of the Greeks in my life had a lot of hair over their eyes.

Which is why I think it’s ironic that the newest review of “l(a” is from Greece and their only complaint is that Jed doesn’t have any eyebrows.

Actually, I just think it’s cool someone from that far away actually read my stuff and liked it.

Here’s the original site. The word-for-word Babel Fish translation is below:

Look at you see something coincidences… Hardly day before yesterday we discussed with Mars ([Kotsi]) and Vasilis ([Sakko]), for demolition of conventional [formas] means comics, and the next day I read TINY LIFE, which attempt it makes precisely the himself, in the sector of narration.

[As] we take, however, the things from the start. When l (a ([proferetai] el-ay) it really reached in my hands, I could remember because I ordered him. Basic guilty of bad impression that he made me my first natural contact with him was the protagonist. it teased me that was stick figure (him we will explain later), but the fact that it did not allocate brows! Yes, I have problem and [frikaro] with the persons (or the drawings) without brows.

I began, therefore, his reading, with a clean procedural method (after him you paid, crossings!) and with my faces they sour, each time where the panel zoomed in the person of protagonist. However, during the reading, I realised that I was already hung in this, with the first glance, incurious small book!

Person in charge for this was not the affair. The fact that [pitsirikas], Jed Jr. it lost his genuine father and was expelled by the house of his placing parents it moved me. Nor the fact that it returned in the house of his father, where it realised something incredible and unexpected for such comic.

What pulled me was the way of narration. Far from [katheti] conventional, the plot (I am not sure for whether the word plot she is suitable) develops, mainly, via the narration, not only his Jed Jr. other and the voice that lives in his head! Moreover, does not exist some reasonable time line. From the present in the past, from the past in recollections fact that you do not take oath if they happened also from the recollections in dreams and hallucinations, the plot [metapida] continuously. It resembles with the narration of drunk, who does not remember when if it happened also [katheti], repeat continuously the same things and lose each little [eirmo] his thoughts.

And this is hardly one from [trik] narration that has selected Nick Jones. With the loneliness she constitutes his basic concept work, o writer selected she portrays his hero as a stick figure in world of persons with flesh and bones. Moreover, it presents him attached (in worrying degree) in the detail. Jed Jr. it is from those that do not bear the imperfection and him it justifies, repeating continuously the advice of his father for the life: “Focus on the details, because the big things are too big”. The loneliness, finally, as well as the narration, they are also served by the fact that Jed discusses frankly only with the voice that it hears in his head.

In TINY LIFE, therefore, do not measure so much the action and their results, as long as the sentiments that accompany him and the paranoia which they cause or by which they are caused. With the same logic, all that says Jed [ochrioyn] front in what it thinks.

And return in the point that spoiled me to a great degree: the drawing. Really, I did not have no problem with the planning of Jed Jr. as stick figure and I comprehend the symbolism, however, why it doesn’t have brows? I know him, I become tedious, but, in my opinion, the incurious face of protagonist to me left margin I analyze more somebody from his sentiments, looking at the pictures. Now that him I think, perhaps this it was also the aim of Jones, however, [emena] I liked aesthetically.

Enough interest, finally, is also one still fact. Entire the history l (a is influenced from the titled poem (no, I sent to you in error site, this it is the poem) the EU Cummings. Even the titles of five chapters book shape this poem, which constitutes, with his line, a radical proposal in the space of poetry. OR, at least thus I read – in order to I am sincere, I did not understand what it wants it says the poet, while I do not possess by no means the space…

For more details, in any case, you can hear a interview of author, Nick Jones, here.


3 Responses

  1. this stupid article doesn’t make any sense!

  2. I attribute this fault to the inherent incomprehensibility of the Greek language. The translation is flawless. This is exactly how people converse in Greece.

  3. My two eyebrowed friends talked like that.

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