New Car Again

As you may recall, a few days ago I tried to purchase a 2010 Silverado.  Twas not to be.

The main reason I wanted to get it was because the price was so good; I was literally getting a vehicle for half price.  I didn’t need a truck for anything in particular (except hauling stuff.  We’re building a nursery, so I’ll need it for little things like drywall and cribs), but I’d be dumb to turn down a half-priced anything that’ll last ten years.

The car I bought today I bought for the same reason.

If I had my druthers (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before), I’d get the smallest car possible.  If I could, I’d get one that weighed so little I could literally carry it around with me when I wasn’t using it.

Instead, I got a 2010 Malibu.

The cool thing about it is that it has dozens of features that weren’t in my 12-year-old Grand Am.  Features like power steering, air conditioning, and a gas cap that closes.  It also has OnStar (which I really like for free; not sure if I’d ever pay for it), XM (see last parenthetical notation), and Bluetooth.

Take a lookee:


2 Responses

  1. all new cars look th same

    • I agree. It’s almost like the 70’s when ALL cars looked exactly the same. Now it’s just the sedans.
      Then again, it helps to choose a sedan based on relevant things like power and gas milage if they all look the same.

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