SPACE Preview

SPACE Anthology 2010 (it's a little hard to read). Look at the "A" in "SPACE"!

Bob Corby is one smart dude.  Or at least a dude with a lot more ambition than I have.

This year, for the 11th Annual SPACE Convention in Columbus, Ohio, Corby has decided that the major players (yours truly included) should advertise a bit more than we have in the past.  He figured a great way to do this would be to put out a free, downloadble comic book full of little snippetts from the best and brightest exhibitors at SPACE.

Lot o' talent here.

After reading it, I gotta say, I’m honored to be in the book.

Or “ebook.”

Or… whatever.  A “book because you can read it like a book but not a book because you can’t hold it in your hands unless you have an e-reader”.

That's right. "Tiny Life" is the third letter. Which means I'm the third best.

Here’s my five-page contribution.

Here’s the whole thing.

I wonder if they ever thought about putting it in other formats?  I know I’ve mentioned putting Tiny Life on in a Kindle format and on the Sony e-reader format and on an iPhone format and all that, but that’s because I want to get the word out at a discount price (it’d be expensive to advertise during Lost, for instance).  The SPACE Anthology is meant to be free.  Most people who are trying out comics using the e-readers do it with the free books first (and if you’ve seen most of the free books, you’ll know why not too many people buy comics on Kindle).

Maybe I’ll talk to Bob about that next year.

Anyway, enjoy.

And come to SPACE.


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