My new car has OnStar.  I never really understood the reason for inventing such a thing.

I mean, I guess I understand that some people want to feel safer even though they’re not safer (that’s why we have car alarms and house alarms and phone tracking chips; someone could still steal our car or break into our house or take our phone, but we feel better knowing that a loud noise would accompany that).  And I guess I understand that people who really need that “hands-free calling” feature are thankful that they don’t have to push two buttons to tell their husbands about that bitch at work (“she drank the last of the coffee and never replaced the filter!  I know she’s cheating on Steve”).  But I never thought to myself, “Wow, an invention that gives operators the capability to listen to anyone in the car 24/7.  What a good idea.”

But I gotta say.  I like it.

Pardon me if I sound a little hickish, but I’ve never had a GPS before (that’s what maps are for) and I’ve never had a cell phone before (that’s what a house phone is for), so this OnStar thing is pretty snazzy to me.

Ironically, I have to hit this button for "hands-free dialing".

I can hit a button on the steering wheel and call anyone in my phonebook for free.  I can also hit the OnStar button and ask for directions to anywhere and those directions show up on my stereo face.  I can hit another button and ask the stereo to play songs that are loaded into my phone.

I don’t know about you, but I think these are awesome features.  For free.  I wouldn’t pay for it.  My phone already does these things.  It’s just more convenient to touch the steering wheel – where my hand already is – instead of reaching into the consol to touch a button on my phone.

If GM was serious about getting ahead, they would make this feature standard in all new vehicles and would come free of charge.

Or maybe free of charge for the original owner.

Or maybe free of charge until the powertrain warranty is up.

Instead of looking down at my phone for the upcoming directions, I can just look down at the stereo. Totally different and harmless.

Or maybe free of charge until the loan is paid off.

I dunno.  All I know is, if it came down to the Malibu, the Sebring, the Fusion, the Ultima, and the Camry (because all new sedans look exactly the same) and I had to choose based solely on “cool stuff included,” I’d take the one that has turn-by-turn directions on the radio.

Well.  That’s not all I know.  I’d be kind of a waste of a life if that were it.

I know other stuff too.


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  1. i always onstar, but i drive a hyundai

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