Ch. 8 Podcast Available!

I know what you may be thinking: “How can the podcast be done if the pages aren’t complete?”

Well, sailor, the thing is, I get these posts done sometimes a month in advance.  This way, I can take a day off here or there (for instance, earlier this week I was working on the nursery instead of creating half-fictional storylines for stick-figures).  It also allows me to make things like podcasts (which usually take two days to do) and put them into the daily rotation.  So, although I’m not done posting all the pages for chapter 8, I’ve actually been done with the pages for a while and have made a podcast for your purusal.

As usual, this podcast is available in three different ways and in many different places:

  1. Photocast: This contains 27 of the best pictures from chapter 8 of “left“. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page.
  2. Podcast: This contains the same 27 pictures as the Photocast, but it’s in a cool movie format. Although it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on in this chapter, we see that the entirety of the novel has come to a head in the three stories – Jed being abandoned, being attacked by a red “piece of light”, and Jared understanding his life – all start to merge. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page. You can also view it below or at iTunes.
  3. Commentary: This contains the same movie from the non-commentary podcast, but with commentary. I discuss the similarities and differences between this novel and the last one, “l(a“, particularly how Jed reacts to being abandoned at ten years old and at 18 years old. It’s available here or at the “downloads” page or on the Tiny Life Facebook page. You can also subscribe to Tiny Life podcasts via iTunes.

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