Reflections on SPACE

My table looks a little fuller this year.

I gotta say that SPACE was a resounding success this year.  Although it wasn’t as spectacular as I think it could be (Sunday was mostly other vendors asking me for trades – usually their $0.50 mini-comic for my $10 novel), I think this year was a helluva lot more fun than the other times I’ve gone.

Maybe it was because I got a SPACE prize on Saturday (which included the highest possible compliment I could’ve gotten from THE Tim Corrigan).

Maybe it was because I sold three times the books I sold last year (if this tripling trend continues, by 2030 I will be making almost $9,000,000 over the weekend).

Maybe it was because of the new venue (I think the Ramada offers a much more “professional” feeling to the whole experience, even though we’re all just amateurs).

Maybe it was because the economy has started to turn around (never mind the fact that 30 of the people I work with will be let go in July).

Maybe it was because my expectations were so low (I went in there with the outlook of, “If I sell some, I sell some.  If I don’t, I get a tiny vacation”).

Maybe it was because I had more to sell (I left the weekend with only one copy of “left” left and sold more than a few individual issues).

Maybe it was because there was more than one interesting panel (usually it’s people who sell a dozen copies of their minis trying to tell other people how to sell a dozen copies of their minis.  This one had a cool “integrating comics in the classroom” panel and a live Cerebus reading and a panel with Guy Davis and…).

Maybe it was because I was sitting beside some pretty cool creators (normally I’m sandwiched between some guy who draws minis about various pooping gags and another who hates everything about conventions).

Or maybe everything just came together in the right combination and made it a pretty fun place to be.

Some day, I might actually stay at the hotel and join jam sessions and participate in a panel and go out to the bar with everyone – y’know, see what conventions are really about – but this year I had a pregnant wife.  So instead, I made some money, had some good conversation, and got free grub and a bed from the in-laws.


7 Responses

  1. I had a lot of fun this year. i thought the ramadan was awsome

  2. i was there i was the fat guy with the beard

  3. Hey Nick!

    I bought Tiny Life from you @ S.P.A.C.E. and, since I just finished it today, thought I’d tell you how much I loved it. You twisted my brain into pretzel shapes that were very enjoyable! Your art is amazing. The layered, complex plot was insanely briliant. I didn’t read the foreword until after I finished the book, so it was cool to see that you were intentionally giving a nod to Chuck Palahniuk. Anyway, along with Plastic Farm and Lackluster World, your book is now my heroin. Can’t wait to read more!


    • Thanks for the kudos. I had a few copies of the next book there, but they sold out. It’ll probably be a few weeks before they’re available again (I want to do a new cover and I found four mistakes on the interior).
      Plus, I’m thinking about trying to find a publisher for this. It just takes too much time to do all the creative stuff AND all the publisher stuff when I have another job and family demanding my time.
      Spread the word: Tiny Life is awesome.

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