All in Good Time

I wrote a post quite a while back about Steven Page leaving Barenaked Ladies.  If I recall, I said that I didn’t know what to make of it.  After all, the other singer, Ed Robertson, is a much more accomplished musician and he has a more pleasing voice; however, Page adds that something to the songs that make them much more listenable.

With the release of their newest album, All in Good Time, I can honestly say that I hit the nail on the head a year ahead o’ time.

On every BNL album, they have an obvious single – something upbeat and fun – and they have some obvious heartfelt ballads – something slow and a little bit of a downer.  It’s this mix of happy and sad that really define their albums.  “If I had a Million Dollars” vs. “Brian Wilson”, “One Week” vs. “Call and Answer”, “Another Postcard” vs. “War on Drugs”.  The thing about the albums of Barenaked Ladies is that you can listen to them in any mood.

I can’t listen to Tool unless I’m already feeling a little introspective.

I can’t listen to They Might Be Giants unless I’m already feeling a little peppy.

But I can listen to Barenaked Ladies at any time.  Except with this record.

Sure, there’s a sorta funny song, and there’s a sorta sad song.  But most of the songs (specifically the songs sung by members other than Robertson) are very middle-of-the-road.  They’re very average.  And Barenaked Ladies aren’t an average band.

So maybe I’ll have to wait for the next record to really see if Page leaving meant anything to the band.  Maybe he was the one that put them on all of these highs and lows that made their previous records so great.

Maybe that’s what the title means.  Wait and see.


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