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Today I was standing in line at an ATM waiting to deposit the money made from SPACE.  It was taking unusually long considering there was only one couple in front of me.  I heard lots of beeping and grumbling; there were a lot of whispers between them.  I started to wonder if maybe they had just found an old ATM card and were trying to get the money out, if they had just gotten a new ATM card and couldn’t remember the pin, or if they had stolen a card and were hoping that they could get one of the 10,000 PIN codes to work on the first try.

If they were criminals, I didn’t want them to see me looking at them, so I looked away.  What I found was this:

It’s a typical crossword workbook that you’d find in any typical gas station.  As I looked a little closer, I noticed that the words highlighted on the cover exemplified what happens when you use the book.  Words like “fun” and “easy” and “great” are highlighted.  So are “extra” “large” “type” and “pencil”.

But what does this say:

It says "delight", but that's a hard word to read backwards.


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  1. you shouldnta said anything

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