Personally, I think Twitter is pretty stupid.  However, for those of you who like to know what I’m doing on Tiny Life up-to-the-minute, it’s a big help (no coding, no updating – really don’t need to be near a computer).  You may notice, though, that my Tiny Life work has slowed a little bit lately.  For a while I was putting several posts on there per day.  Not little things like, “Making new wallpaper”; I was doing actual stuff like inking three pages and then writing two articles before I sold a book.

The reason I’ve been slowing down is 1) SPACE is done, so I no longer have a deadline and 2) I’ve been building a nursery:

This is what it looked like when we moved in six years ago. Click to enlarge.

This is what it looked like with some furniture in it. Still has that ugly-ass wallpaper. Click to enlarge.

This is what it looks like now. Notice the flooring, wainscoting, and walls. Click to enlarge.

Awwww... baby stuff. Click to enlarge.

AWWWW... BABY STUFF! Click to enlarge.


2 Responses

  1. so did you use a premade chairrail or did you manufacture a trim all by yourself?

    • It’s nice to know a little bit more about you, other than you don’t like punctuation.
      I used a premanufactured chairrailing for the top of the wainscoting. I wanted something a little wider, but all I could find was hickory and the rest of the wainscoting is pine. I didn’t want to have to match up the stains.

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