Article for a Friend

A while back, Colacitti asked me to write an article for a magazine editor-friend of his about Tiny Life.  I told him I would since he’s so nice about redoing entire pages because of my frivolous “artistic sensibilities”.

His friend runs a magazine and they had two pages to fill.  As someone who’s taken a few journalism classes and a few design classes, this could mean two totally different things.  It could mean that I have to fill two entire pages with words (usually one column = one typed page on MS Word and each page in a magazine can have between one and four columns) or I could design two entire pages and fill them with whatever I wanted (I guess a third possibility would be some sort of mixture of the two).  When I asked Colacitti for specifics, he said that it would be the latter.

I know it probably looks boring, but how these pages are designed is actually pretty fascinating.

Cool.  I get to design two magazine pages however I want.  Even someone who has no interest in comics would think that this is a pretty cool assignment.  I started looking back into my design days and I started researching some more modern magazine designs than I am used to (my last design class was in 1999; we were still cutting things out with scissors).

Once my design was instilled in my head, I figured that I had about two columns to fill, which means two pages of writing.  At this point, I started flip-flopping; I wasn’t sure what to write about.

Since I hate talking about myself and my project (look around the site and see how many “I’m so great” or “Tiny Life is so great” articles you can really find.  I bet it’s a pretty small number), I found it a bit hard to start.  I didn’t want this thing to just turn into a commercial for Tiny Life; I also didn’t want it to turn into a commercial about me.  Since Colacitti asked me to do it, maybe I should’ve written about him.  Or us.  Or how we work.  Or the process.  But that’s boring.  But this is in art magazine, so if I were to do it anywhere, this is the place…

I finally came up with two choices: 1) Slightly funny pretend interview where one interviewer knows exactly what he’s doing and the other has a problem keeping up 2) a long explanation of the too-often-asked-but-never-fully-answered question, “So what’s this all about?”

I asked a few people at my non-comic related job and they said that funny always wins out.  So I did the funny one.  I wrote it and edited it and was happy with it.  It gives some information about Tiny Life to people who’ve never read it, and it adds a little humor so that you might remember the article a little longer than you would this.

When I submitted it, Colacitti’s friend, the owner of the magazine, said something along the lines of, “It’s too professionally done.  It looks like we stole this article from another magazine.”

That’s right.  My writing skills are TOO good.  Eat that 9th grade English Teacher (whatever your name was!  Way-too-skinny lady who was way-too-young to have a perm)!

So I wrote the blowhardy “So What’s It All About?” article.

I’ll post them both soon enough and then give you a link to the online magazine once it’s published.


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