New Structure (for a lil while)

Making a comic is pretty exciting for a blogger.  I mean, at each stage of the page-making process, I can post something – even if it’s not completely done.  For instance, I can make one post for pencils, another for inks, another for letters… I can even break it down further than that.  I can do one post of thumbnails, one of breakdown pencils, one of finished pencils, one of inks, one of tones, one of letters, one of pre-press, one of press…

But when it comes to writing the comic, it’s not as glamorous; there isn’t as much to show.

Get it? It's a "new structure"! I am very clever.

So, for the next few weeks, as I’m completing my second draft (actually the second draft of this particular story.  I had a different story all set up for this particular book and I didn’t like it.  So, I guess technically, this is something around my 14th draft) of the next book, I’ll do one of two things:

  1. Keep you updated as to what I got done that particular day.  This way, I can keep up on my usual every-other-day witticisms that don’t have anything to do with the book.  For instance, I’ll just write, “Finished making dialogue for all the ‘Amy’ scenes today” and then have a post the next day about how “’lemon’ doesn’t sound like a real word if you say it enough times.”
  2. Just write the damn book and leave you out of the loop until it’s time to read the damn book.  Dammit.

I guess we’ll see in a few days here.


2 Responses

  1. Why aren’t you offering your current book on this site?

    • I’m trying to make a decision with it.
      I’m thinking about either getting an agent and/or getting an indy publisher, and I don’t want to put it out there until I have one or the other.
      Plus, the print-on-demand people that I use will charge twice my cover price for printing those 4 color pages.

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