Character Scenes

I think I’ve found a very efficient way of writing this book.

Since it’s essentially various characters running into each other until something interesting happens, I think if I write each character’s scenes throughout the book, I’ll get done faster.

Ain't she cute?

What I mean is, the character “Amy” is highlighted quite a bit in this novel (you saw her first in “l(a” and can see her again here).  So instead of starting from the beginning of the book and working my way to the end, only to start all over with draft 3, I think I’ll write all the “Amy” scenes, then all the “Sis” scenes, then all the “Fred” scenes, etc.  I think it’ll also add to the authenticity of each character.

I hate it when all the characters act/sound the same (for an example, see any Kevin Smith movie).

So, I’ll be working on the “Amy” scenes until further notice.

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  1. sounds like a plan man

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