Third Draft Done!

I just finished the 3rd draft. I think it’s coming together nicely.

The tricky thing about Tiny Life is that there has to be a plot that involves just this book – we have to have a beginning, middle, and end where the main characters change somehow by the end of the book (or at least not change, but realize why). But, since this is a ten-book series, we also have to have an overall plot where we see Jed slowly evolving over time. Added onto that is the fact that these books aren’t published in order, so I have to remember where Jed is in his “awakening.” Plus there are secret things that I want to keep secret until later books – or earlier books, depending on how you read the series. I also have to remember how Jed changes in other books, so I don’t change him the same way here.

This whole thing would’ve been much easier if I had just written a better “Jed Jr.” in the first place. I just read the original (from 2003) again. Just awful.

I think I still need a coherent and relevant subplot, though. Although this one looks like it’ll already clock in at around 140 pages, I think I need something a little different to accommodate all tastes.

Well, not all tastes. There’s nothing in here about vampires or zombies. I already assume that, if you read Tiny Life, you do not like vampire or zombie stories. Because you are not dumb.


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