Starting Draft Four

Frankly, I’m stuck.

I know in an earlier post I talked about how simply writing is the percurser to writing well, but this is a little different. 

I decided to have a B-Story.  Well, I take that back.  The letter “B” implies that the story is actually less important than the predominatn or “A” story, but it’s not.  The B-Story, in this case, is actually the more important one because it helps connect the entire series in a more direct way than the A-Story.

This is so tough to describe without giving away the story…

My B-Story is French and bi-curious.

OK, think of it like this: pretend you’re at a super-fancy resturaunt.  The food is the main attrraction.  The menu of expensive choices + getting all dressed up + the part of town the resturaunt is in + the type of atmosphere the resturaunt give off all add up to the super-fancy eating-out experience.  The thing that really hold it together, though, is the service.  The best kind of service in a place like that is the kind of service where you don’t really recognize anything.  You don’t notice that the waiter is tall or short or loud or quiet.  All you notice is that the food came quickly, your refills came without asking, and that your bill was picked-up fast enough so that you didn’t feel rushed and you didn’t feel like you overstayed. 

The waiter, in this analogy, is the B-Story.  He fills in the gaps to make sure all the other stuff runs smoothly.  Cuz if you have a shitty waiter, the best you can say about the experioence is “for the price we paid for that truffle, you’d think the waiter would’ve been a little faster.”


3 Responses

  1. Waiting tables is a lot harder than it looks.

  2. […] read “l(a” and “left” could look at and go, “So that’s where that comes from.” So I needed a B-Story. This made the book a little better. Not twice as good. Like 30% […]

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