Does “Para” Mean “Sorta”?

I just wrote another 30 pages or so for the next novel. And then I read it. And then I thought about the larger scope of things in comparison to this novel. And then I threw out 30 pages or so.

See, the next novel starts to bring to light some of the themes highlighted in “l(a” and “left”. We see a little bit more color, we start to see a little bit more of who this Jared Richards character is, and we start to see how some of the other characters fit into all this. Mainly, some of the more supernatural aspects of the last two books are explored more thoroughly in “Jed Jr.” And this caused some problems.

Tiny Life is not a supernatural series. Or, rather, it’s a personal series with supernatural overtones. So in my A-Story, if I have a lot of supernatural elements – or at least enough to really notice – then my B-story can’t be full of supernatural elements as well; it just wouldn’t feel right. It’d make the other two books seem boring and/or it would make this books seem out of place. So I had to take out everything I’ve written over the last few days and start from scratch. Again.

I’m not sure how I’m going to conquer this problem in book 8; that novel is almost completely supernatural.

By the way, “supernatural” means, “sort of natural”, right? Like ghosts are sort of natural and seeing stick figures when the rest of the world is completely made up of flesh-people is sort of natural, right?


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