Power Lost

One of the worst inventions is the “almost off” button on a remote control.

My television and my DVD player both have this “almost off” button.  I can turn the TV and the DVD player on and off with the remote control, but only when the buttons on the actual TV and DVD player are already in the “on” position.  If the buttons on the physical units are in the “off” position, then the remote controls are useless.

I’m not sure who invented it or why. Maybe it’s meant to save power.  Maybe it was one of those corporate things where they have to prove that the average of all of their products meet a certain standard (like GM has to say that the average of their entire fleet has a MPG rating of 30, even though they make cars that get something around 10 MPG), or maybe it’s something that’s a genuine problem in the electronics-with-remote-controls industry.  Either way, it’s a pain in the ass.

Billy Mays: the Great American Fairy Tale of a guy with no discernible skills becoming so rich that he had no choice but to turn to drugs.

We had a storm here last night and the power went out.  Around 3:30 this morning, the power came back on – and since the physical power button on the TV was in the “on” position, it didn’t matter that I turned it off with the remote control – and I woke up to Billy Mays screaming that Mighty Mendit works on every type of material.

Later today, I’m going to see if it works on broken television screens.


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