Stupid B

This B-Story is starting to be more trouble than it might be worth.

Here’s how I did the A-Story:

  1. Write down the major plot points
  2. Pick an order and a logical succession of where the story needs to go based on those plot points
  3. Assign certain characteristics and certain events to certain characters for them to carry out those plot points
  4. Add dialogue
  5. Rewrite
  6. Rewrite
  7. Rewrite

Now I have to do the same to the B-Story. But not only do I have to do all that, but I have to make sure it fits and that nothing is too over-the-top (see the article about supernatural vs. natural in the Tiny Life world).

So, right now I’m on step three. I really think it’ll be worth it in the long run because I think it opens up a lot of doors in future books (at least at this outline stage) and I think it connects things throughout the series much more clearly.

At least I hope so. Otherwise “Jed Jr.” will come out like six weeks later than it should’ve.


2 Responses

  1. I thought you said that you already wrote the entire series.

    • I did. But if you look at several different posts, particularly the ones about writing this next book, you’ll see that my original draft just wasn’t good enough. So I rewrote it.

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