B-Story Done!

The B-Story is complete.

That took a LOT longer than it should have.  But then again, The Wife had a baby and my grandpa died in the process, so if you take those two things out, it probably took about the same number of man-hours as it should have.

Originally, I wanted the B-Story to consists of only four scenes (the A-Story is 15 scenes): the first to introduce the problem, the second to explain the problem, the third to climax the problem, and the fourth to show the solution to the problem.  It’s a very straightforward storytelling technique (although most story-tellers nowadays lump the third and fourth scene together).  As I got into it, though, the nature of the book suggested that I add another scene – somewhere in the middle – so that we could really see something dangerous that connects to Jed; something scary.

Then, when I got done with that, I thought I needed something mysterious.  Not something that would make the reader empathetic toward Jed (that’s emotional, which is a tool I used in the scary scene), but something that would make the reader think about the series as a whole (that’s intellectual, which is a different but equally useful tool).  So I wrote a sixth scene.   And I thought of a pretty kick-ass way of intertwining the two stories as the dénouement of each is winding down.

Yep, “Jed Jr.” is going to be a pretty sweet ride.

But it’s shaping up to be around 180 pages, which means you might not see it for another two years.

That is, of course, unless Colacitti can figure out a way to make it shorter (“l(a” was supposed to be like 150 pages and he cut out a good 30 from that).


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