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“Advice” Post Script

A few weeks back I wrote a controversial post about parents who give advice to other soon-to-be parents (it was only controversial on the Facebook page.  If you want to see the comments, go there).  I have some more ideas:

4.  Stop being so concerned.  You’re a complete stranger and you seem peculiarly concerned about a baby you’ll never see again.  I’d be like going to a restaurant, walking up to a table full of complete strangers and going, “You should try the baby-back ribs next time.  They’re much better than the half-rack pork ribs.  You’ll thank me later.”  Actually, I know people who’ve done that; those are the people who would be peculiarly concerned about a strangers baby.

5.  Don’t tell me what causes SIDS; you don’t know.  No one does.  According to doctors who went to school for a decade to learn this stuff, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is “the unexpected, sudden death of a child under age 1 in which an autopsy does not show an explainable cause of death.”  Don’t tell me that putting a child down on her stomach, or letting her chew on her hands,or keeping the room too warm, or feeding her formula, or putting her in a blanket, or letting her taste salt, or dangling her off a balcony, or forgetting her in a luggage rack can cause SIDS.

I guess those would be more along the lines of “Advice for Parents Who Have Advice for New Parents” (which is different than the last post).

Dangit.  Now I gotta think of more.  I can’t say this post is done if I only have two reasons.


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