No Mo Laptop

While The Wife was in the hospital with Lemon, I decided to buy a laptop so I could work a little bit on the next book. I went to Best Buy, found someone who’s used to suckers, and asked for their cheapest laptop. He asked me what I wanted it for, I said to get on the internet and to do word processing. He said I should get the $500 one because it runs MS Word better. I said I won’t be running MS Word. He said I should at least get the $400 model because it runs Norton better. I said I won’t be running Norton.

I said, “Let me explain again. I have a laptop that has a sticker on it declaring that it’s ‘made for Windows 95.’ I just need something better.” He said that he had one for $300 and I reiterated by condescendingly saying “cheapest.” He finally showed me some POS Toshiba Satellite and said that for something like this I should get a laptop bag and an external mouse and some extra virus protection software and a two-year service agreement. I explained to him that buying these things on a POS Toshiba Satellite would be silly. If it broke, I’d just buy a new one.

And then not one week later, it became obsolete; that’s when iPhone OS4 came out.

I’m writing this post on my iPhone. I’m writing this using the native Notes on a Bluetooth keyboard. Then (just like I do using MS Word on my Mac), I’m proof-reading it. Then (just like I do on my Mac), I’m uploading to my website using WordPress. The only difference is the size of the screen.

So, it looks like The Wife will be getting a slightly-used POS Toshiba Satellite as a baby-making gift.

What’d you get your wife? Flowers?


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