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Draft 6 Done

As I said last time, the drafts keeping coming more quickly. Today I finished Draft 6, which should be my last draft.

Pretty much all I had to do was decide if a certain scene needed to exist, add a little conversation between Jed and Fred about Sis and Amy, and punch up a few other conversations. Other than that, I didn’t have to do much. The highlights are gone. I mean, there were a few places here and there where I had to make sure the timeline was synced up (I had to change the word “weeks” to “week” or turn winter into spring for the sake of continuity) or make sure I knew who was talking to do whom, but there really wasn’t much to do.

After this, the ride is pretty smooth in the writing department. I have to send it off to a few trusted people (The Wife and The Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, among others), take their suggestions into consideration, and then rewrite accordingly. There’s very little left to do on my end of things.

So, since there isn’t much to do, I’m not sure how to approach the next few blog posts. Do I say, “Sent Draft 6 out today, still waiting for a response,” or “The Wife read it and send that she didn’t understand how someone who claims to be new to the area has so much history. I have to consider changing that.” Even for posts on this site, those would be pretty lame.

I’m also wondering what I should to between writing time and penciling time. I mean, it’s not like Colacitti has been sitting by his computer waiting for the Twitter post that says, “Finally done! Sending it to the penciler!” He a busy man. He might not get to it for a few weeks.

People seem to want posts about Lemon. I’m going to try and avoid that at all costs. Again, those would be pretty lame posts. What would I say? “The Wife brought her in to my office today and asked if I would watch her. I said I would after she changed Lemon’s diaper. She said that she just changed her diaper. At that exact moment, as if on cue, Lemon shit herself. It was hilarious and adorable.”


2 Responses

  1. I suggest a series of posts detailing the biggest frauds in the comics industry.

    Post #1? Neil Gaiman.

    #2: Max Ink.

  2. Gaiman isn’t a fraud! Have you read the Books of Magic?

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