No power

This is a picture of me writing this post.

I have no electricity at my house. And yet, I’m writing this. On the internet. In the dark.

I realized today that I really don’t need my power company for a whole lot of anything. I don’t really watch TV all that much and I don’t use the refrigerator that often because I buy most of my food fresh. I buy my clothes at Goodwill, so I have a 50/50 shot of washing them or throwing them out. So I used my phone to look up how much I spend monthly on electricity and I’m hovering around $30. This got me thinking: we’re doing more and more with less and less power for the first time in human history.

In 1999, this is what I was using to make the Tiny Life website (yes, I had one back then).

Right now I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard and a phone to access the internet and create a webpage. Even ten years ago, I would’ve needed a PC that plugged in running high-end page-making software, I would’ve had to have a monitor plugged in to view it. I probably would’ve needed an office or other designated place in the house which would mean some other office-related stuff plugged in for convenience (pencil sharpener, paper shredder, desk lamp, etc.). Since PCs are expensive, I would also need some sort of cooling device so the hardware wouldn’t get damaged and I’d have to replace the whole thing.

In 2010, this is all I need. There's a lot less power used here.

But I’m doing the same thing now on a keyboard powered by AAA batteries and a rechargeable phone.

This also got me thinking about electricity in general. If I had some sort of device that powered my house completely – a windmill, a BloomBox, etc. – then I’d never have to worry about Consumers Energy screwing up. And since we’re doing more with less, I could literally stop going to work. Once batteries are perfected to such a state where they can go days with a single charge, I could grow my own food, use electric machines to cultivate it, cook it on my electric stove, and pass the time using all my terrific electric gadgets (and publishing Tiny Life).

And then my thoughts reached their natural conclusion: if everyone everywhere did this, everything would be solved. No more oil (or at least limited), no more famine (you could make greenhouses and desalination plants anywhere), no more wars over land or resources.

We’d just have to worry about Whitey trying to control it all.

I should lose power more often. I could solve more social problems.


5 Responses

  1. How’d you lose power? There aren’t any storms in your area.

  2. I do not take your proposed solution seriously.

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