Webpage Complete

It's like one of those pictures of a guy painting a picture of himself painting a picture.

Originally, it was my intention to totally redo the website for every book. Each home page would correspond in some way to the plot and/or theme of the current book. As a matter of fact, I still have some sort of design template somewhere that has lists of which type of website I would like to make for which book (I have eight designs picked out for ten books). But since I made my original website, technology has changed. I’m using blog software now, which makes most of what I used to do obsolete.

Right now I use a template design through WordPress that I think makes the most out of what I’m trying to say while still utilizing the site’s space for maximum effectiveness (AKA: it’s pretty). Once I finished “left”, I figured I’d check out some of the other hundred or so templates they have. Maybe I’d find one. I did. It’s also pretty. But it’s not exactly the same size or color or set-up. Basically, I’d have to change everything around so that this new site would look as good as the old site (redo the logo and the banner and probably find a good font; it’d be exhausting). “Screw it,” I said aloud.

So instead I just added a bunch of stuff for “left.”

  • I added characters and modified descriptions on the characters page.
  • I added wallpaper to the download page.
  • I added a “left” preview and six pages from “left” on the previews page.
  • I added five individual issues of “left” (in case you just want to try one instead of spending ten dollars on the whole thing) on the garage sale page.
  • I modified the ways to contact me on the author page.

Now the webpage is complete.

Except that you can’t buy the individual issues until I get proofs back from the printers.

Nor can you buy “left” until I find a suitable printer and/or hear back from an agent.

There are also no more naked pictures of The Wife. So stop asking.

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