Lots of Issues

This issue only has one colored page. Maybe I should just print it in black & white and color it myself.

My plan for “left” was to simply finish it as quickly as possible. Once it was done, I figured I would redo the website and then release the issues one at a time for a few months to sort of advertise for the book (I still believe one of the best things that Sim ever did with Cerebus was to make sure it came out every month. Even if he didn’t make a dime on the individual issues, it was rotating in-store advertising where the customers looked the most: on the shelves. “Hey, remember, Cerebus will be out with a new trade in just a little while”). After I saw how the individual chapters broke down, here’s what I planned to do with the issues:

  • Issue 1 would consist of chapters 1 and 2. It would be 29 pages.
  • Issue 2 would consist of chapters 3, 4, and 5. It would be 29 pages.
  • Issue 3 would consist of chapters 6 and 7. It would be 25 pages.
  • Issue 4 would consist of chapter 8. It would be 17 pages.

After contacting my usual printer, I discovered that they can’t do single 2-color pages (although, technically, black & white is considered “two-color” while traditional “four-color” is cyan & magenta & yellow & black; I say black & white is “one-color” until you add another). So that means I can get away with doing issue 1 – it would have to be 32 pages – for a little more than my normal $2.75 and I could get away with doing issue 4 – it would have to be 20 pages – for my normal $2.75. But, because issue 2 has three colored pages I would have to print the entire thing on a color printer, which means it would be about $4-5 for a 32-page book and I could probably talk them into printing a 28-page book for issue 3 (most printers will only do pages numbers divisible by 8, unless they’re using scrap paper to make the product), but since it has one page that has color, they’d have to print this entire thing on a color printer, making this individual issue $4-5 dollars as well.

That means it’d be like $16 to buy four issues all at different prices. So I changed it up.

Instead, I’m making five issues, each 20 pages long. I can sell issues 1, 2, and 5 for the usual $2.75 because they’re the usual length and the usual color. Issues 3 and 4 will both contain color pages, but because they’re only 20 pages as well, I can sell them for the same price (although I’ll be making exactly $0 on the transaction of those particular issues).

Considering my individual issue sales are in the dozens while my trade sales are in the hundreds, I think the second option of five issues is a better idea. Plus I get to make another cool cover.


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