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New “left” Cover Inks

If you bought "left" at the convention, you'll notice it doesn't really have a gigantic translucent "1" on it.

As you know, I’ve been a bit busy on account of Lemon. However, I think six weeks in, I’m starting to get the hang of things. And by “hang of things” I mean “The Wife will handle the baby stuff because she’s good at it and likes it; I will handle everything else because I’m no good at the baby stuff.”

So, over the last couple of days I’ve had an hour or two here and there and have decided to finally ink the alternate cover to “left”.

The old one was just a page I drew when I was bored and decided to ink it (actually, when I first started “left”, I thought that I would pencil and ink all the individual covers to the individual issues [on sale soon!]; that idea lasted about 10 days. What ended up being the cover to the trade was actually the first and only cover I did for the individual issues). This new one was designed as a team, penciled by the penciler, and inked by the inker.

Now I just have to scan it into the computer and fix it.

I have to fix a lot of things here.

What’s wrong with it? Your eyes should be drawn to the guy in the tie on the left and to Jed on the right. Jed works out ok, but because everything is crosshatched, your eyes automatically go to things that aren’t – namely anything stark white or stark black. So instead of looking at the guy who’s looking at Jed, you’re looking at some dude’s hair or some lady’s face.

Luckily though, because it’s a cover, many of the mistakes will be covered up with logos and writing and barcodes and whatnot.

This is probably what it'll end up looking like, so most of my mistakes will only be able to be seen on the poster that no one will buy.


2 Responses

  1. You don’t use Wacom?

    • For 2 reasons:
      1) I can’t figure out how to adjust the settings so that it looks like ink (I can make it look like airbrush or marker)
      2) I can’t figure out how to cross-hatch effectively.

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