New Project?

I have a second project in mind. It’s definitely not as big in scope as Tiny Life, and I don’t think I’ll be able to let anyone else draw it. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to even sit down and write it, let alone do the rest of the work.

It’s about my dad. Although he’s a very interesting guy and he had a fairly interesting life (at least as interesting as someone could have growing up in mid-Michigan in the 60s), it’s not really about him as a person. It’s about him as a father.

I have this theory that no one really knows anyone else. Not really. We all think we know our parents and our kids and our friends – hell, there’re a lot of people out there who think that they actually know celebrities (“Angelina would never do that. She’s too grounded now that she has kids”) – but we don’t really know any of them. We just know what they want us to know, or, in the case of my dad, what he was able to show me.

I’m not 100% sure as to what the plot will be. Right now it’s just a bunch of vignettes stuck together with a common theme or two. I’m thinking it will be about how he was the father to a lot of people, including cousins and siblings, and how none of use really understood that until he was no longer around.

This is me when I finally finish Tiny Life.

Right now it’s taking me days just to get any art done on Tiny Life; I can’t imagine how long it might take if I have a side-project going on too. I might have to just work on some stylized characters that I can whip up quickly so I can do several pages at a time, if I’m so inclined.

It’ll be like it was when I first started way back in 8th grade.

Chances are, I’ll keep it in mind for decades while I complete the current series.  Then when The Wife says, “Your finally done with that.  Now let’s go on that vacation,” I can reply that I only have one more quick, self-referential, autobiographical, 500 page book to do.


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